LAUGHING IS AN OFFENSE !! It's healthy, its funny !!

We all know that laughter is good for us. It's healthy, its funny, it can familiar people. But this laughter has hidden weapons. You can piss off a person by giving it a fake laugh, like u r interesting in it but deep inside u hate it.

* You can insult a person by laughing at it.

* You can annoy people by your laugh.

* Your laugh can give you the desire things.

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Your 1 smile can change minds, Suppose u r a student & delayed for the class.You can give a fake smile to the teacher & it will be so magnificent that the teacher shall allow u to come in.

If a girl gives just a simple smile to a boy. It can be dangerous. The boy will fall for her.Even he can't be able sleep..

Your laugh can kill someone inside - If there is someone who is your enemy & jealous of yourself then you can use your laughter at them & this can be a missile to it.

But inspite of all these things still we laugh. Because its also important to express our feelings, we r not robots. We have emotions.

Have you ever seen the best laughers without any demand, without any sin, the loveliest laugh??

It is when a  new born baby laughs.

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A father who works as hard as possible to make his family happy, when he comes home at the end of the day & he laughs with his family forgetting his tiredness.

A mother of a soldier when her brave boy comes home after years & she laughs & then her laugh meets with her tears.

A laughter can be a cave of millions of emotions, pains, feelings, desires.

A person can be judged by its laughter. Its laugh can prove its maturity.

So be careful enough while laughing at/for/with anyone because who knows karma is already laughing at you..

                   Thanks for reading.

                 ---- Bhaskar Chakraborty.

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